Groupe 199

The Life Green Heart Project

In its optics to naturalize the pink city, the metropolis of Toulouse launched since 2019 until 2024 in the beautiful project of vegetalizing the Ile du Ramier.

Everything came together in 2019 when Toulouse Métropole was selected by the European Commission as part of the LIFE program for the environment and climate.

The Ile du Ramier has 5 years to deconstruct the Exhibition Centre, which has been present on the island for nearly 70 years, and to transform itself into a green lung within the framework of the Grand Parc Garonne. The main objective of this project is to fight against global warming. The predictions announce an increase of the local temperature of approximately 4°C by the end of the century, the Ile du Ramier could make it possible to reduce the temperature of Toulouse of 3°C and thus to bring a cooling in the neighbourhoods around in prevention of the climate change.

You can find the detailed article of Toulouse Métropole on this subject here :

The city of Toulouse aims to become a green metropolis that works for the quality of life and urban air. To reach its objective, many projects are set up:

  • The planting of urban groves, to bring biodiversity back to the city to which the Hôtel Albert 1er has itself participated in the operation Des Fleurs Sur Mon Mur in 2019.
  • The design and production of nesting boxes, made in Toulouse to allow the symbiosphere and the cohabitation of each species.
  • The Graff’Terre project, to promote street art in the streets of Toulouse in a human and ecological way.
  • And so many other projects are underway!