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Our CSR approach

Corporate Social Responsibility


Are our working conditions and employment management effective in combating discrimination?


Do we maintain good, healthy relations with our customers, suppliers and civil society in general?


Are our resource management and biodiversity conservation actions helping to combat climate change?

The quest for happiness can’t stop at the company gates. It’s an ambition that must be cultivated at all times and in all places. So what are we waiting for? Well-being and respect for a life ethic must be a daily business requirement that goes far beyond laws and standards.


The hotel has opened its Too Good To Go account. In a zero approach, we thought it would be nicer for everyone to redistribute leftover breakfast food rather than throwing it away.


Think of the turtles! There’s no need for in-room minibars in winter, when reception can simply meet your request. So we’ve pulled the plug, and the planet will be better off for it.


In winter, we need to refresh our drinks a lot less, so for 4 months we’re going to save the planet’s energy and turn off the icemakers.


We’re careful and turn off the lights, even the pretty ones. It’s the little things that make a big difference.


We tried Hector Le Collector! They regularly collected our food waste and transported it to their partner processing centers, turning it into energy.


In the buildings and shops of Toulouse’s historic city center, there’s no room for selective sorting. So we call on Green Buro to organize a regular collection of our paper and cardboard.


The team has received UMIH training on sustainable development to raise awareness and share best practices in order to constantly improve our commitment.


We met ILYA and their new device: a small diagnostic and awareness tool that measures water consumption directly. We liked the approach so much that we adopted it in our rooms.


For the new year 2022, Hôtel Albert 1er andHôtel d’Orsay will cover 100% of employees’ health insurance.


The Zero Waste Breakfast. No more individual packaging, bulk, sugar bowls, no cardboard crockery. The Albert 1er Hotel is lighter!