Groupe 199

Le bon plan restaurant : Pour les végétariens !

5 fruits and vegetables a day!

Your taste buds will be delighted with their buffet of a dozen mixed salads (zucchini curry, hummus, sesame green beans…), their dessert buffet (carrot cake, crumble, crème brulée, choice of ice creams and sorbets…), their savory pies (three choices per day, goat-walnut-honey, leek-blue, etc.), Their dish of the day (home-made curry, bhaji, sagu…) and, in winter, the soup (spicy lentils, cabbage vegetables,…) Moreover, everything is home-made.

The avant-gardists!


“When we opened the first “La Faim des Haricots” in 1996 in Blagnac, we were considered a bit crazy: a vegetarian restaurant in Toulouse, terroir of duck breast and foie gras. But we tried the adventure anyway. Two other “La Faim des Haricots” were born; in Toulouse in 2001 and in Labège Innopole in 2005. When we opened a vegetarian restaurant, our idea was not to serve politics or morality in our plates. Our desire was, and is even more so today, to please lovers of good food and to offer a convivial dining space. All-you-can-eat buffets allow everyone to eat at their own pace and hunger.”