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Le bon plan bar :
Le Bear’s House, bonne soirée garantie !

Good living!

It is the place to discover tasty and rich products. Whether it’s a microbrewery craft beer, a Caribbean rum with character, a locally distilled gin with a good tonic or a house cocktail made with quality beverages, you’re bound to find something you like at Bear’s House.

The chef's tapas!

And because we don’t drink on an empty stomach, enjoy also the tapas plates of the chef, they are to share where everything is fresh and homemade!

As for the atmosphere, there is something for everyone and for every day! Numerous events punctuate the evenings with concerts, Dj sets, Tap Take Over, masterclasses or radio lives. And the pompom on the Garonne: the Bear’s House will also allow you to leave with your favorite beers or spirits since we also do cellar!