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Un week-end à Toulouse

Un week-end à Toulouse

Want to spend a weekend in the pink city in an atypical way?
Look no further! We have found for you 10 activities that will delight children and adults!
Between total immersion, sensational views and full bellies,
You will leave this weekend in Toulouse seeing life in pink.


First step of a weekend in Toulouse :
A gourmet stroll

Why settle for a simple stroll when you can satisfy your taste buds and your eyes? During this gourmet stroll, discover how architecture and gastronomic actors are closely linked. We promise you that this visit does not count for anything!

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Second step of a weekend in Toulouse :

A quest for treasure

We found ways to activate the offline mode and discover unexpected things… A treasure quest to do, with friends or family. Follow the trail of monuments to learn more about the history of the city and the people who shaped it, admiring sites such as the Toulouse Cathedral, the Augustins Museum and the Hôtel d’Assézats.

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Third step of a weekend in Toulouse :

A photo session

Instagrammers, individuals or photo lovers, all know, Toulouse is a very photogenic city. What if you became the star of the moment? During this one-hour photo shoot, you will benefit from the expertise of a photographer, while letting yourself be seduced by the picturesque places of the pink city.

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Quatrième étape d’un week-end à Toulouse :

A graffiti tour

Why choose between museum and city when you can combine the two? You want to include urban art in the planning of the weekend in Toulouse? During a two-hour visit, let yourself be carried by this artistic wave that is street art. Bonus point: visit the Periscope exhibition of the artist Christian Guémy!

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Fifth step of a weekend in Toulouse :

Manger en ayant le souffle coupé

We have found you a restaurant as refined as it is breathtaking: La table du Belvédère. Laissez-vous séduire par les saveurs des plats. Let your eyes contemplate the view of the Garonne and the Pyrenees. Take a breath, enjoy this weekend in Toulouse and treat yourself.

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Sixth step of a weekend in Toulouse :

Becoming a chef

You dreamed of impressing your friends during the next meal you organize? We have found the solution. Take a cooking class, baking class and more by joining the Chef’s Workshop. In the heart of downtown, you will be able to share moments in group, reviving your culinary fiber.

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Seventh step of a weekend in Toulouse :

A culinary oasis

You were looking for a place to eat where you could combine a taste experience, the Garonne and conviviality? Welcome to the Nautical Emulation! In this restaurant, you will find market products, a team at your disposal and a magnificent view on our dearest Garonne. Don’t wait any longer, embark on the Nautical Emulation experience!

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Eighth stage of a weekend in Toulouse :
A trip to Asia

This is new! Going from Toulouse to Asia without taking a plane is possible! Live the unique experience of Enigma Escape. Dive into a world of total immersion in a 850 m² space. With one world for six missions, awaken the investigator in you and solve the case! See you this summer.

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Ninth step of a weekend in Toulouse :

The fireflies’ walk

Every year, during the month of December, the city of Toulouse offers a new program of shows and magical animations. Performances that are as fun as they are breathtaking.


Tenth step of a weekend in Toulouse :
Sailing on the Garonne

Pour ce 10ᵉ point, nous vous proposons de larguer les amarres et de découvrir Toulouse par la Garonne. Louez votre bateau électrique et sans permis pour 1 h 45 de balade et profitez des différents paysages qui s’offrent à vous.

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