Groupe 199

Slow life

No need to go far away to be disoriented!

Pas besoin d’aller loin pour être dépaysé ! Treat yourself to an escape near your home For the vacations we stay at home… Discover the staycation! Did you know that? American neologism resulting from the contraction of the word “Stay” and “vacation”, staycation designates the simple fact of spending one’s vacations at home, an emerging

Discover Toulouse differently

Découvrez Toulouse autrement Dolce VITA This vision has allowed us to gradually join a “Slow Tourism” approach, a trend stemming from “Slow Food” which rejects mass consumption and places the human being at the center of its concerns. Feel LIKE HOME Our family hotel, which chooses to defend values of authenticity, well-being, respect for our

The Family Breakfast

Family is something very important for the Hotel Albert 1st. Sharing good things with our friends and family is one of the values anchored in the history of our hotel and one that we wish to perpetuate over time. We want to take every opportunity to thank the people who made it possible for us

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